Clothing Guide for Photo Sessions

These are simply just guidelines from what I think works best for my style of photography. Picking outfits can be stressful! Just remember to have fun, keep it simple, and be yourself.

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid fluorescent/neon colors – they can distract from your faces, the scenery and can reflect onto your skin which can be very unflattering.
  • Avoid distracting patterns that are super bold – don’t get me wrong I love patterns and prints, but keep the pattern simple for photos.
  • Avoid vertical stripes – they can be unflattering and do not translate well in photographs.
  • Avoid big watches, rubber bracelets and and bracelets with words on it- It can distract from your faces when you are holding each other or kissing for photos.
  • Avoid too much make up and orange spray/self tans – If you are getting your hair and or make up done, be sure to be specific as what you want and tell them to keep it natural looking. Ask if they have done make up for engagements/bridals/wedding before and ask to look at the photographs! For spray tans try and choose and olive tone one and get them about a week before photos so it can fade a little.
  • Avoid bringing too many choices – its good idea to bring 2 outfits to chose from but please don’t bring your whole closet in a suitcase.
  • Avoid matching each other – and avoid wearing the same colors, for example both wearing white tops and black bottoms. It can come across cheesy in photos. If you are wearing a light top, have the other person try wearing a darker top in the same color but different shade.

Things that work well in photographs:

  • Wear neutral colors – white, cream, grey, tan, dusty blue, caramel, BUT there are neutrals of every color! Just try choosing a mild hue instead of something bright. If you are looking for a bolder session go with a Burnt Orange, Deep Blue, Burgundy or Deep Red.
  • Wear outfits that compliment each other and your location. (Long Flowy Dresses for Beach Sessions, Shorts for Men with a button up shirt) Let me know if you have any questions about this one.
  • Wear different textures.
  • Wear layers – or at least bring layers. If you are wearing a loose fit dress, try a belt with it. Flowy can also look unflattering if we can't see some of your figure.
  • For ideas try looking at your favorite clothing store’s website and their lookbooks. May sound simple but it can be helpful.
  • Wear flowy things- Flowy dresses and skirts can be so pretty in photographs - Especially on the beach!
  • Men wear collared button ups or Polos with shorts or pants.

Other tips:

  • Be on time or a little early! If you are on time or early you will have time to be relaxed, put on some lipstick, listen to music and talk before being in front of the camera.
  • Come prepared – Bring Snacks/Drinks for the kids, Comfy Shoes, or a change of clothes in case something happens to the ones you're wearing.
  • Be confident and have a positive attitude – If you are confident it will look so much better then if you are constantly worrying or doubting yourself. I will help give direction but the best photos are the usually when you are moving, interacting and not super posed and stagnant.

I hope that helps. Again these are all just my opinions and not rules. Please email me photos if you have any questions!